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10/24/2019 6:11:46 AM

This was a hot topic and short time ago but seems to have died. Any thoughts on a resurrection?



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10/24/2019 8:27:31 AM

From the Peanut Gallery ....

Remember President Trump's comment, "it was just a glitch" (Jan 2, 2019) when the market was in a major downtrend this time last year? All the experts were barking "bear market" (i.e., Liz Sonders, Ralph Acampora, etc. ).
Most of these "experts" don't know WT* they're talking about.
The reality is, when Trump gave the signal, you could've bought the bottom the day of his "glitch" comment and made at least 50% on a diversified portfolio. NO trading necessary.
StockFetcher is not just for trading.

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10/24/2019 11:27:07 AM

I'm curious, too.
I remember Mactheriverrat pushing for that Weinstein stuff real hard. Mac was all over the map encouraging people to buy the book.

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10/24/2019 11:30:19 AM

@ roca1018,

a. Are you using Weinstein method or posted filters at all? If so you could post what you've learned.

b. Graftonian seems to have stopped posting entirely, I hope he's not too ill nor has left SF.

c. I'm slowly, slowly working on a backtest filter for the Weinstein approach per Cheese's request, but it is still a few days much stuff to do and not enough time, I'm going to have to retire from retirement.

Ed S.

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10/24/2019 1:04:17 PM


Ed, you are very kind. Please take your time and enjoy your well deserved retirement.

I also hope that graftonian is well and doing well. graft is such a smart and kind person.

I appreciate all the good stuff that I have read from karennma, graftonian, you and
a few others over the years.

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10/24/2019 5:07:45 PM

Weinstein's works well when the market is doing well. Remember, one of the main principles of his methodology is comparing the individual stock to its sector AND to the market as a whole. Since the market has been... shall we say "choppy" since August, there haven't been many good candidates. At least on the long side. He has rules for shorting during bear markets as well, but again it's been a sideways market more than a bull or bear market.

I still look for candidates and have entered a few. Bought a long call on ABR during a strong signal back in August. Broke wma(150) on strong volume after clearing a head and shoulders pattern. It was a beautiful set-up. Of course, it immediately turned around (twice). Held onto it though and am up 86% for now. The method worked, but it decided to take me for a ride before the climb.

I posted it before, but here is the Stage 2 filter I made for myself:

chart-time is 3 years
market not etf

set{var1,average volume(5) 1 day ago}
volume > var2
volume > 500000
close > 5
close crossed above wma(150)
close 1 day ago < wma(150) for last 30 days

add column sector
Relative Strength(^SPX,150) > 1.0
30-day slope of Relative Strength(^SPX,150) > 0

add column var1
add column var2

draw high 3-year high
draw high 2-year high
draw high 1-year high
add column high 1-year high
add column high 2-year high
add column high 3-year high

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10/24/2019 7:03:36 PM

Thank you for sharing your winner. Quite impressive result.

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10/25/2019 4:12:19 AM

I remember Mac too pumping weinstein's book .
Sorry if people wasted their money because of me. That's not says Weinstein's book is bad.

It too lagging for me. I've been using Guppy MMA's and I like them more.

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10/25/2019 9:22:36 AM

Okay, Mac.

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10/26/2019 7:06:09 AM

Thanks for the responses. I read the book years ago and picked up another copy recently. I think it is an excellent book and just am surprised that it didn't get much mileage on the board. I am unclear what relevance Trump has to this discussion.



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