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General Discussion · What is wrong with this filter?
msg #151515
3/27/2020 8:35:54 PM


I think he has labeled it correctly as I explain below:

This is how StockFetcher parses Xarlor's line of code "set{L3H,high 3-month low} "

name a variable L3H and,
choose the price 'High' (not the price Low, Open, or Close) and,
for the price 'High' for that symbol, determine the '3 month low' by throwing out all High prices higher than the lowest High price occurring in the past 3 months and,
place that value in variable L3H

You can double check if I'm right by adding this line to his filter:
draw l3h on plot price

or even this line
draw l3h

hope this helps,
Ed S.

Filter Exchange · Attn: FILTER GURUS! WT*!!!
msg #151225
3/14/2020 4:25:05 PM


The only way I know of to change to Table View in your filter results is to click on the box named "Table" that is below the filter edit window and above the results part of the screen.

Here is a smaller version of the filter showing all stocks >$190 with volume >500K who have had 30 day price drops; and sorted from smallest price drop to largest. (will the biggest drops rebound the most....who knows?)

market is not ETF close is > 190 volume is > 500000
roc(30,1) is less than 0
add column roc(30,1) {30 day %price drop} sort on column 5 descending

Filter Exchange · Quick and dirty 5 day VWAP
msg #151122
3/8/2020 1:24:06 AM

@ JoeyViny

This should be a lot shorter.
Ed S.

set {tovo, pp * volume} add column sum(tovo,5)

set {myvol, avgvol(5)*5} add column myvol

set {myvwap1, sum(tovo,5) / myvol} add column myvwap1

Show stocks where close is > 3
and Average Volume(30) is > 500000
add column separator
add column industry
add column sector
draw myvwap on plot price

Filter Exchange · Bearish filter: Beat down and continue dropping
msg #151102
3/6/2020 1:07:10 PM

Its been 10 days for the self quarantine for those 120+ California health care workers, any update on how many of them have gotten sick? Only 4 days to go before they go back to work....
Ed S.

Stock Picks and Trading · Exploring VE's Profitable Short-Sell Filter
msg #151086
3/5/2020 1:23:54 PM

1.Results of my backtest filter as run on the 3 different versions of V.E.'s SSF as documented in his SSF topic thread.

a. total stock potential trades:

SSF #1 673 stocks returned as results for last 252 days.

SSF #2 548 stocks returned as results for last 252 days.

SSF #3 460 stocks returned as results for last 252 days.

b. stocks returned at least once in past 252 days:

SSF#1 315 stocks

SSF#2 250 stocks

SSF#3 213 stocks

Definitely a progression of less candidate trades...

Stock Picks and Trading · Village Elder Short -Sell Filter discussions
msg #151083
3/5/2020 3:45:27 AM

Day 1 of his APT trade was 2/26 based on his filter signal on 2/25. Entry short price of $10.81.

Day 3 ended at the close of 2/28, which was when I would have expected that APT trade to be exited; based on his Exit Rule 3, as explained in his post on his NLS trade in the evening of 1/13.

Day 6 was 3/4.

If you run Olathegolf's 3 day backtest filter on 2/28, you can see the $10.81 short price for 2/26 and the range of exit prices for the expected max of 3 days in trade.

Ed S.

Stock Picks and Trading · Discussions for Ed S nibor100 Exploring VE's Profitable Short-Sell Filter
msg #151058
3/3/2020 12:32:26 PM

@V.E. I suggest you add your current filter to your read-only thread so those who just follow that thread can see the latest.

Thanks for the filter, I had already been looking at volume trends prior to shorting day for V.E.s filter but I'll study this one closely.

Ed S.

Stock Picks and Trading · Discussions for Ed S nibor100 Exploring VE's Profitable Short-Sell Filter
msg #151051
3/3/2020 10:27:01 AM


If your post was directed to me, let me clarify a few things:

a. I never said or hinted that my goal was to match either your short filter's performance nor V.E.s short filter performance with a long filter, as I agree that would be near impossible...I'm just angling to get some of the 5 day build-up gains that many of the stocks in V.E.s short filter seem to enjoy. If I fail no big deal, I always learn a few things from these types of explorations.

b. One of the reasons I'm starting with V.E.s short filter is because it isn't just Penny stocks as over 2/3 of his short trades in the past 14 months, based on Olathegolf's data, are >$5.

c. Sorry, but since I don't short stocks I will not be spending any time trying to improve either of y'alls short filters, so you are on your own to do that.

Ed S.

Stock Picks and Trading · Exploring VE's Profitable Short-Sell Filter
msg #151038
3/2/2020 1:40:36 PM

1. Preliminary findings seem to indicate that all of the V.E. SSFs are returning stocks whose volume is greater than 1,000,000.
a. This seems to be using only the 2nd half of the filter line

close * volume above 1000000

and ignoring the multiplication by the close. AAMC on Feb 19th is such an example.

b. Since my backtest filter had to create several variables in order to make that line execute 1 day ago my backtest filter seems to finding all/most of the stocks meeting that total line, which is why I have many more stock results.

2. Next step for me is to see how many stocks I get by changing my backtest filter to only look for volume above 1,000,000 1 day ago. However, right now is time for a refreshing short nap....

3. Not sure what V.E. might do with this info going forward

Stock Picks and Trading · Exploring VE's Profitable Short-Sell Filter
msg #151034
3/2/2020 5:19:43 AM

1. In reviewing the Excel trade data that Olathegolf sent us in the SSF discussion thread I noticed what I thought were some anomalous trade dates for the stock AXSM.

a. so I wrote one of my backtest filters for the SSF market cap above 10 which is here:

set{varvo1, volume 1 day ago }
set{varvo3, close 1 day ago * varvo1}
set{varvol, count(varvo3 above 1000000,1)}

set{cl1,count(close 1 day ago above 3,1)}
set{cl2,count(close 1 day ago above close 2 days ago,1)}

/*multiplying those 2 variables together for true when both are 1 or false when 0*/
set{vroc, count(roc(5,1) 1 day ago above 50,1)}

set{vcap, count(market cap 1 day ago above 10,1)}


/*setting variable for next day Close-Open Percent Gain*/
set{var2, opcl / open}
set{var3, var2 * 100}

/*Testing the gain variable for 1 day gain or loss*/
set{var4, count( var3 is between 0 and 100, 1)}
set{var6, count( var3 is between -100 and 0, 1)}

/*Only want days filter is true for past year times gain is true or times loss is true*/
set{Tru12, comb2*var4 }

set{var5, count(tru12 > 0 ,252)} add column var5 {next day winners }
set{Tru13, comb2*var6 }
set{var8, count(tru13 > 0 ,252)} and add column var8 {next day losers }
set{var20, var5 + var8} add column var20 {total hits }
var20 above 0
and sort column 7 descending

set variables to draw gains and loss days when true in past year
set{var7, Tru12*var3 } draw var7
set{var9, Tru13*var3 } draw var9
chart-time is 252 days

2. After some review, it seemed to me that the Excel list he sent out was based on his backtest where he made each closing trade 3 days after the signal date

a. When I went back to the Excel list do some total trade count comparisons I saw that he had put a line in his post of the Excel data that explained
"Trigger Date is "3 Days Ago" from Filter Date "
which I either overlooked or forgot about, good grief!!!

b. My backtest filter seems to have quite a few more total trades than his Excel list so I'm going to have to do some more digging...

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